“When you observe something … it can change that thing.”

The Observer Effect

The first step towards taking control of your money is to understand where it is all going.

How much am I really saving?

Watching your bank account go up and down isn’t very reliable. This is because many of our expenses are lumpy. Our bank account balance can look bad if we pay a few large bills in one month. It then might go up the next month while we are incurring more expenses but haven’t been billed for them. There are also other expenses that don’t even touch our bank account such as the value of a laptop computer or motor vehicle as they fall in value. What we all need is one number that takes all of these things into account. We need a number that tells us whether we are achieving our savings goal today.

There is a better way

Snowballing Money makes it easy to see how much you are really saving each day. Lumpy expenses are automatically smoothed out. The electricity bill that you pay today is spread out over the next few months. School fees can be spread out over the entire school term. Snowballing Money summarises all of this information to give you one number: the amount that you have saved today.

Don’t give out your Internet Banking details

Some personal finance websites and apps ask you to trust them with your Internet Banking login and password. You should never provide these details to any online service because they cannot guarantee that it will be kept secure from hackers. It may also violate the terms and conditions of your bank account. Your bank may not be required to reimburse you if a hacker steals your Internet Banking login and password and takes all your money.

Avoid services that sell your personal data

The privacy of your personal financial information is extremely important. Other services sell your personal data or use it to send you targeted advertisements. Snowballing Money uses aggregated data stripped of all personal information to support university research into the economy. Using this app will help us to better understand the world economy and may even help us to avoid the next global economic crisis.


Save for a holiday or car

Do you have a big expense coming up? Snowballing Money helps you to save towards your goal. You just need to make sure that you achieve your savings goal each day and watch your money grow. It’s that simple.

Freedom from property slavery

Buying a property can mean years of financial slavery to the bank. Save a larger deposit. Get ahead on your mortgage payments. Snowballing Money is the key to unlock the chains of financial slavery.

Financial independence

One of the key strategies to become financially independent is to save small amounts often. Snowballing Money allows you to set daily goals. You can see how every dollar you earn or spend has an impact on that goal.




Track income and expenses

Enter your income and expenses as they occur and get instant feedback on how they impact your daily savings goal.

Smooth out the lumps

Sometimes we have large transactions that occur only once a month or a few times a year. Snowballing Money provides you with an easy way to smooth these transactions over multiple periods so that you can get a better picture of how you are really going right now.

Synchronize between multiple devices

Transactions can be easily synchronized between multiple Apple iOS and Android devices and can also be accessed by this website. Track expenses together with your partner. See exactly where all the money is being spent. There is no need to argue about money any more.

Choose your own savings goal

Calculate how much you need to save each day to achieve your savings goal. Snowballing Money then lets you know how you are going towards achieving that goal each day.




Powerful charts and reports

Compare your savings, income and expenses over time. See exactly where all your money is going by category and subcategory. Identify areas where you are spending too much money and redirect those funds to better uses.

No painful reconciliations

Other personal finance apps that also track account balances force you to do painful end-of-month reconciliations to make sure everything balances. By only tracking income and expenses, Snowballing Money frees you from this burden. It shouldn’t matter if you miss a few dollars on coffee now and again.

Your privacy and security is important

We don’t require you to provide us with your internet banking details and password. You are in control of the transactions entered in your account. You should avoid services that ask for your Internet Banking login and password since they cannot guarantee the security of those details. You should also avoid free services that sell your personal data to other companies or take advantage of it to send you targeted advertisements.